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Airport workers and trade unionists hold a general assembly to vote on the end of the strike affecting air transport and causing the cancellation of flights, at Roissy Airport outside Paris. – EPA pic, July 8, 2022.

STRIKING airport workers in Paris called an end to their stoppages today after securing a 3% pay rise from management – in line with a similar deal agreed for the railways this week.




The decision was voted at a staff meeting of employees of ADP Group, which runs the main Charles de Gaulle airport northeast of the capital and the smaller Orly airport to the south.

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    SOARING global food and energy prices have forced 71 million people into poverty in the world’s poorest countries, according to a United Nations Development Programme report published today.人有多少啊

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    记者 孟夏冰:国家统计局介绍,2022年我国经济总量和人均GDP持续提高,这意味着我国经济运行长期向好的基本面没有发生改变。