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Charles Santiago urges the people to come together and oppose Umno’s petition to push for its jailed former president’s royal pardon. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 28, 2022.

MALAYSIANS must come together and oppose Umno’s petition to push for Najib Razak’s royal pardon, Klang lawmaker Charles Santiago said.




The DAP leader was responding to Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who yesterday called on Umno members to take part in a petition to show their support for their jailed former president.

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    As for spurious delaying tactics, imagine bringing up an issue that allegedly first appeared in social media over four years ago, as the defence attorneys did in trying at the last moment to recuse the Chief Justice. I wished one of the judges would have asked Najib’s smart lawyers whether they had first ascertained the veracity of that alleged Facebook posting. Very elementary, my dear!形容词都形容不出好